Had a long day and now you have to sit and search for websites to help you customise merchandise for your organisation or institution? Looks like the odds are in your favour now. Get your merchandise right away by the following means.

• Place the Order
Got to catch up with the boss/teacher's deadlines for getting merchandise? Have a event coming up next week? Oh wait, there's also a tournament your school has to attend next month. Getting all geared up for the flash mob but still missing out on merchandise yet? Want to have a jacket for your college similar to that person's university merchandise you saw on Instagram the other day?

Sit down, relax. Let us do the hocus-pocus for you. We are now here, at your service to customise all the merchandise you need for your school/college/institution. Trust us, we've got your back. All you need to do us pick up your phone/laptops and type us out an e-mail at contact@typicalcomic.com specifying all the details about your needs, and we'll take it from there.
And within a few days, voilà! Your merchandise would be at your doorsteps and ready to be put in use.

• E-Store
Let's make this whole lot cooler for you by offering you an online store to place the bulk orders you need. Since it's already time to meet the deadlines of your orders (a little assurance and humour? Trust us, we don't delay your orders and oh yes, pun intended) from your seniors, all you have to do is, visit our website and purchase.

• Bulk Order
Too add on and make your day better, we offer adequate discount and cut down prices on bulk orders! So how about you start grabbing t-shirts for all your friends/colleagues? We offer you the products right from our self owned manufacturing hubs, hence you know what this means. No outsourcing prices, no extra charges, absolute fair price on the products. Enough thinking now, we guess? So let's grab on a massive number of merchandise for everyone, and give us the work we could provide you servicing with.

• Featuring.
If you'd like your organisation/institution to be showcased on our website, you can contact us on 9953536984 or e-mail us at contact@typicalcomic.com and we'd be glad to assist you and put forward our proposal to you. In fact, what better than being beneficial business partners, right?

• Personalised Goodies
Have this trait of having everything under your control and according to your instructions? Your wish is our command. Personalise and customise your merchandise, all according to your choices. All you have to do is e-mail us your preferences and details and the products you need, and don't worry about a thing after that, it's our job now.

So march up! We've got your issues covered. For any further queries feel free to contact us on 9953536984 or e-mail us at contact@typicalcomic.com.